Tramadol 50 MG

Though a plethora of information has been released to the public regarding Tramadol, people are still curious whether the medicine is narcotic or not.

While providing treatment to a patient suffering from moderate to severe pain, irrespective of whether it is caused owing to illness, injury or the result of post surgical process, Tramadol is similar to hydrocodone, oxycodone or morphine. According to some people, the sensation is euphoric while reducing pain at the same time.

Most people are aware of the fact that true opiates like hydrocodone and morphine are recognized to be highly addictive drugs as they consist of narcotic components. Tramadol happens to be a non-narcotic medication thought the effects produced are equivalent to narcotics. This contributes to being the primary reason why people have questions whether Tramadol is narcotic or not.

Effects of Tramadol

Though Tramadol does not belong to the category of narcotic, it is capable of producing a similar effect. There are several people who blame the medicine owing to its effects. For example, in case an individual does not require Tramadol for pain relief, the drug will confer a feeling of being high. However, when the medicine is consumed by an individual suffering from pain, the medication works on the pain directly, thereby producing no or little effect. In case Tramadol is crushed and snorted in similar ways as heroin, the person will be experiencing incredible high.

Notwithstanding the fact that Tramadol is not narcotic, it can be addictive still in unique ways. The tolerance of an individual is built over the time which indicates that in order to procure the similar kind of pain relief, a higher dosage is needed. If it is not prescribed by reputable doctors, the dosage may enhance continually to the point that the person becomes dependent on the medicine.

As it involves risk of someone getting dependent on the medicines, most doctors are aware of the dosage and ensure that the medication is not for long term. You need to keep in mind that Tramadol is an effective treatment option as compared to narcotic type drugs like hydrocodone, morphine, and oxycodone. A person will be starting a person on very low dosage time and again, for a shorter interval of time. If required, the duration and dosage can be raised, but it requires careful monitoring.

Withdrawl symptoms Though Tramadol is not narcotic, in case someone is dependent on the drug and stops suddenly, there are higher chances of occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. Though every individual has a unique experience, most of the symptoms that are associated with the withdrawal of these medicines are inclusive of nightmares, depression, excessive chills, sweating, aggressiveness, reduced diarrhea, appetite, nausea, anxiety, irritability noted mood swings, hallucinations, unusual thoughts, tumors. The withdrawal symptoms may last from few days to several weeks, according to the dosage of the medicine